VOISYS’ Validation Technology

VOISYS’ Validation Technology

An internet leads industry stalwart since 1999, VOISYS continue to keep one step ahead of the competition when it comes to lead generation and validation. We’ve always invested heavily into research and new technology and worked with the best engineers and analysts in order to bring you the very best innovative lead services on the market. We know what makes a good lead, which is why we only source our data from the very best. Smart purchasing decisions coupled with high-level automation have always kept us a step ahead.  On top of this, our in-house validation services will assure you premium quality leads that can’t be matched anywhere else.

RealPhoneValidation and RealLeadValidation – Leading Validation Technology 

Our validation process is a combination of electronic and live validation of prospects – there to get you actionable information on potential customers, leading to increased closing rates.

RealPhoneValidation and RealLeadValidation are used in house as part of our up- front scrubbing process to make sure the leads you get are the leads you want. Extensive pre-sale validation of all our leads means we can filter down through the mass of leads to find the 5-10% that offer real opportunities.

RealPhoneValidation is our specialty area, and is the industry standard when it comes to automated scrubbing of disconnected phones in real time. And with up to 30% of lines disconnected, our validation process means saving you from having to deal with a significant amount of bad data and wasted sales calls.

Via our phone validation system we can also find out whether a line is mobile or landline, something which is crucial now that the new TCPA rules have come in. Mistakenly calling a cell phone number can cost you $1000’s in fines. It’s now actually a legal necessity to have accurate and up to date information on whether you’re holding landline or cell phone data.

RealLeadValidation was developed in-house to eliminate bad leads before we delivered them to our customers so that they would get real data which can be converted into real sales.

Check, check and check again

Before we deliver you any lead, we’ve:

  • Checked it to see if it was sold in our dealership network – if it has we won’t pass it on to you. Exclusive leads are the only kind of worthwhile leads we think you deserve.
  • Checked it to see if the lead has been circulating in the lead networks. Leads which have been around for weeks, months, or longer are not likely to be serious prospects to sell to so we won’t send you these.
  • Checked it to see if it has sold extensively in other markets. Leads that are co-registered are not usually worth following up, since they are unlikely to be serious about buying your product or service. VOISYS doesn’t pass these kinds of leads onto customers.
  • Checked to verify the identity, so you can expect up to date relevant contact information.
  • Verified the phone number’s connectivity. Goes without saying we don’t pass on disconnects.

Why do we go through all of this?  

Because we know that you’ll feel the impact when you try it out, and because we want to keep your valued business. If you’re happy – we’re happy, simple as that.

  • If you have entered a cell phone number, or another number that you later convert to a cell phone number, you agree that we may contact you at this number. You also agree to receive calls and messages such as, pre-recorded messages, calls and messages from automated dialing systems, or text messages. Normal cell phone charges may apply.
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