Your Sales Department’s Right Hand – VOISYS

Your Sales Department’s Right Hand – VOISYS

VOISYS internet leads have been a staple of the industry since 1999 and over the years we’ve seen new fads and lead providers come and go. We’re still here, however because we continue to commit 100% to providing best in class services to our customers when it comes to all things lead-related – from lead generation and verification to compliance and training.

What kind of leads do you need?

With car profit margins falling dealerships are having to think long and hard about how to allocate their marketing and advertising budget.  Cold calling and guesswork don’t work, but Identifying and attracting good prospective customers is complex and time-consuming. That’s why it makes sense to put money into buying quality sales leads.

In an ideal world your salesperson wants leads that are ready to purchase, right here, right now

But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and so you often end up with a significant proportion of poor quality (albeit cheap) leads. These could have been sourced from the telephone book, old dealership databases or dubious affiliates. Some lead providers seem to believe its quantity rather than quality that counts.

VOISYS generation methods are different

  • •We have years of experience in the lead generation game (in fact we were arguably the first company generating SEO based internet leads) so we know that real leads come from real advertising budgets.  Leads generated by paid for advertising are more likely to convert because you can be certain the client, in responding to an ad, is actively on the market for car.
  • Our Internet leads are driven through major modes of organic generation: traditional media (TV/Radio/Print), and new media (search, and PPC).  We’ve teamed up with some of the best advertisers and some of the best car people in the industry to make sure we get the right message across. We’ve even managed to team up with auto industry guru Greg Goebel, with the aim of enabling us to further focus our efforts in all of the right places.
  • Our leads aren’t the cheapest on the market, neither are they a fix-all solution – they need your sales team to work their magic too – but they close and they close consistently.

Qualified, targeted leads for top sales opportunities

The bottom line is that leads can be cheap, sent to you in an unfiltered format and unlikely to get you a good ROI. A far better option is to buy leads which while still inexpensive are cost-effective, since they’re scored and filtered – like VOISYS leads. We use enhanced targeting technologies and advertisers who can locate genuine in-the-market car buyers to generate targeted quality sales leads that will convert into customers. Rigorous online filtering and personal phone validation add to the quality of our leads, and guarantee you excellent returns.

Value for money when it comes to leads

We use strict mark to market pricing to get you value for money, with leads priced on availability and competition. As a market leader we have superior buying power which works to your advantage since we can pass on our savings to you.

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