Car Dealer Appointment Setting Comes to Life

We at VOISYS are always committed to bringing you the ROI. That’s why we’ve teamed up with industry powerhouse Abstrakt Marketing to use their Iowa-Based, corn-fed call centers together with our routing technology to put together a new program that delivers the right people to your showroom.  We’re looking forward to showing you the next step in the evolution of automotive appointments.

VOISYS is a name to reckon with when it comes to lead generation and we’re proud to have built up an especially strong relationship with customers in the auto industry. We’re always on the lookout for ways to add new valuable services which is why we decided to set up a new program, VOISYS Appointments.

VOISYS Appointments and Abstrakt Marketing

You may not realize it but your database could hold the key to your success – or at least some of it. You’re probably sitting on a goldmine of hot prospects ready to become customers of the future. The problem is – unless you have the time, resources and space to employ a big telemarketing team how do you implement the follow up campaigns needed to unlock this huge potential?

Working in partnership with Abstrakt Marketing VOISYS Car Dealer appointment setting can help you turn existing contacts into customers. The Appointments program also offers you a way to generate new hot leads well worth the bother of chasing up.

Unlock the potential in your database with VOISYS Car Dealer Appointment Setting

VOISYS Appointments offers you an effective way of reconnecting with and nurturing the high-end leads you’ve worked so hard to capture. It offers you the opportunity to add to your bottom line via a supercharged, high end call center campaign that will realize the value of your leads.  Via VOISYS Appointments you can scale up your marketing activities cost-effectively as and when you like without being tied into expensive employment contracts or hiring extra office space.

Real sales appointments, real service appointments, really hot leads

As part of the VOISYS Appointments program, we contact service center customers who haven’t yet bought from you in the past 18 months. We work towards getting you guaranteed new sales appointments from these leads.

While your sales team are busy converting these new visitors through your door into buyers, our telemarketing team will also be focusing on getting you service appointments (getting these alone often means you’ve met the cost of the entire program).

In addition, with help from Abstrakt’s automotive classified scraping technology we can set to work generating new and premier quality leads which will make strong prospective clients for you; these are local prospects currently selling their cars on and And therefore on the market for a trade up.

Once we have a base worth working we will call them. During the call we’ll collect useful information regarding mileage, condition of vehicle, type of vehicle they’re on the market for. We’ll also check their email address is up to date and whether there is more than one vehicle at the household. Our vital market research information could help you refine your marketing approach for better success in the future.

The dream telemarketing team

Think of the VOISYS Car Dealer Appointment Setting as having an entire telemarketing team working alongside you on the sales floor. Using our state of the art leads technology we can dial directly into your DMS, and, using advanced analytics we can accurately target the right prospects – without stepping on your sales department’s toes’ – or pestering people who clearly aren’t in the market.

The VOISYS Car Dealer appointment setting program guarantees to get you qualified

  • appointments – people who will set a specific date and time to come into your dealership
  • prospects that can’t commit but are still interested in finding out more too; these are hot leads
  • prospects who don’t want a new car right now but will make a service appointment – many dealers make enough just from this to cover the costs of the service
  • Market research to bring to light factors which may be negatively affecting your business

Using our new service you get to talk directly to your dealership buying base. For less than the cost of employing one full time employee, you can generate 35 appointment leads or more per month.

All this and service with a smile

Your reputation matters to us, which is why we employ knowledgeable, polite and detail-addicted telemarketers, who also happen to have the right personality to pin down appointments.

We don’t do international dialing, we simply find people in your area who want to do business with you. 

  • If you have entered a cell phone number, or another number that you later convert to a cell phone number, you agree that we may contact you at this number. You also agree to receive calls and messages such as, pre-recorded messages, calls and messages from automated dialing systems, or text messages. Normal cell phone charges may apply.


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